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ClikDelivery -Where Revshare Meets Integrity

My honest review  of  ClikDelivery -Where Revshare Meets Integrity- Online Advertising Platform

Most of us know what revenue sharing is as part of an online advertising company and how to work it using optimal strategies .However what most of us don’t do is our due dilligence in discovering who is behind the latest Rev Share Opportunity . This IS vital if you want to earn and have success !

Its also Vital to know if the plan they are promoting is Sustainable

How many revshare owners have a dedicated page about them on their site?

How many owners display  a photograph of themselves on their site ?

I think we all know the answer to both  questions

However  the owner of ClikDelivery does both and gives a full Bio of himself and his vision for the company !

  • ClikDelivery states that their first and main goal is to provide you with High Quality advertising services that will help you each an engaged audience especially in the “make money/e-marketing” niche.You are invited to explore all of their  advertising packages in order to find out which ad service is the most suitable for your advertising campaigns.
    They recommend that you also explore and  make use of their diversified advertising services like banner ads, login ads, directory ads, ppc banners with geo-targeting, adpacks…etc, to find out which one is working the best for the products and/or services you are promoting.In addition to offering outstanding ad services, Clik delivery are proud to be a successful business opportunity designed to help people to make money online via our profitable business model called “Revenue Sharing”.
     Revenue Sharing allows members to share Clikdelivery’s revenues from advertising sales distributed every hour with different Returns on Investment (ROI). (You can refer to the Payplan for more details).

ClikDeliveryWhere Revshare Meets Integrity 

Why Join ClikDelivery-Where Revshare Meets Integrity

Owner and CEO is a trusted,well known & top earner of TM & MPA  with a wealth of experience assuring that you are in good hands


You would be joining  an Online Revenue Sharing Advertising Company which delivers high quality visitors to your products and businesses!


The owner  strongly believes that a  well established pay plan allows the program  to maintain  sustainability and therefore makes it very long term and profitable for all of its  loyal members for years to come! He has taken steps to employ only the best  programmers  and  has implemented tight security measures in order to guarantee Clikdelivery’s success.

After studying the pay plans  carefully and using a
Clickdelivery calculator  I can see why he makes this claim as it  is obvious  that the plans have been designed with longevity in mind and to  safeguard  sustainability.This has not been the case  with  many similar programmes that have come and  then gone just as quickly and ultimately  have not stood the test of time .

It is clear that the  owners business acumen is  giving the program a strong solid foundation from which to progress, and from what I have observed I  envisage a great deal of potential  connected with it  .

The programe is in its infancy  which is considered a good time to join  by  those in the industry. Of course  only time will tell.  However  I was impressed by the  admins transparency and I have no doubt  that if the  real time  stats that are currently showing on  the website  are anything  to go by  I can  definitely see this program becoming  a success and  gaining further considerable momentum over time. 

ClikDelivery…. where Revshare meets integrity

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